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Self-loading Mobile Mixer

Hamac self-loading mobile concrete mixer

Hamac self-loading mobile concrete mixer - A solution for the place where is out of concrete batching plant

Hamac self-loading mobile concrete mixer, is an equipment combines transit mixer with concrete batching plant. It includes the loading, weighing, mixing, transit and discharging all-in-one, so it can be use at the working site directly. The work efficiency is highly promoted, and the cost and time is save also. The most important thing is it is 4x4 drive, so it will be suitable for different terrain. Our design concept is the same as Carmix of Metalgalante from Italy. It is a good alternative for Carmix because of its cost will be lower but the same work performance.

You just want to prepare a cement silo and a water tank, Hamac self-loading mobile concrete mixer will be a mobile concrete batching plant. According to calculation, if it is not a lot requirement for the ready-mixed concrete, you can save approximate 16 USD per cubic meter concrete. And you can deduct 4-5 workers.

Hamac self-loading mobile concrete mixer  Hamac self-loading mobile concrete mixer

Hamac self-loading mobile concrete mixer  Hamac self-loading mobile concrete mixer


Load: Because of the specially designed hinge type hydraulic shovel, this mixer can load the material easily and accurately. There is a blade in the shovel so that the cement bag can be cut automatically to avoid the waste of cement. All the ingredient can be fed into the mixing barrel from the top of shovel;
Mixing : After the aggregate and cement are fed into the mixing barrel, they will be mixed with the pressed water from the double water tanks which are on the truck. The specially designed double screw to confirm the quality of concrete (if required, we can equip the electronic weighing system)
Transport: This mixer is fit for any working site because of its 4 wheel hydraulic drive system and favorable configuration. It can crawl on the 30 degree slope at a full load situation;
Discharging: Adopt the revolutionary solution. The operator can control the mixing barrel at a 300 degree rotation so that it can discharge the concrete at a 2 meters height, 4 directions.
Operation: There is a well appointed cab. The driver can operate almost all the actions through a handle shank.
Safety: This mixer equipped with ROPS-FOPS system to provide the driver with comprehensive safeguard.